Realme fooling the customer- oppo re-branded phones?


Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Realme was first launched in China back in 2010 named as “OPPO Real”, later it came to Indian smartphone market in May 2018. It was a sub brand of OPPO Electronics Corporation until its separation on July 30, 2018 where it became an independent entity.

Sky Li gives fake resignation letter?

Recently Madhav Seth  the Chief Executive Officer of Realme India said that the realme brand thinks completely different from their parent company   oppo also the set of customers they target is different from oppo so they decided to  make realme a independent company also promised to the customer that the realme will be a consumer centric  company and will produce the items which consumer wants. also the Sky Li, the former Global VP of OPPO, has resigned from OPPO and starts to lead Realme Here is Sky’s letter to everyone on his proud journey:

on 28 august 2018 realme launches its second smarthphone in India called as “Realme 2” which they claimed to be their won product for Indian consumers and also that it has been made keeping the feedback of realme 1 in mind. but the realme 2 was launched by china few weeks prior to the realme 2 as “oppo A5“.  the same  product was re-branded and launched in India.  

Reasons why Realme is still owned by Oppo:

  • As their were  three sub brand of BBK electronics (oppo,vivo and oneplus, now also realme ) the oppo,vivo and the oneplus were going for complete different user interface (custom skin).  so as the realme also left oppo it should have come with the different skin or should have gone with the stock android but it continued with color OS(same that oppo uses)  .
  • Even after the detachment with oppo realme said that the after sales service will be provided by oppo.

Reasons behind giving fake resignation by sky Li:

  • Oppo is targeting the above 20k segment and shows that is it premium brand  and keeps its priced slightly above completion. but in India the major share in the market is of devices  in the budget segment if Oppo tries to capture that market then its image as a premium brand will fade away so it first launched a sub brand and then showed the the India that the realme is independent country and then lauched their own product in the shed of realme .

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