Mi mix 3 waht new and features

think this is the best implementation of

full screen displays currently out there
yes the v1 X and the Oppo find X are
both pretty cool I'm not gonna deny that

they were really good but motorized
moving parts they cannot do have a

higher chance of failing at least that's
how we perceive it show me on the other
hand has eliminated that with a physical

slider there are neodymium magnets that
hold it in place and when you need it

you can just slide that screen down to
reveal the different cameras now in most

phones that's all a slider can do reveal
the cameras take some pictures yes the

Oppo find X does use it for 3d face
unlock but that's about it

show me though are very confident about
the mechanical durability of the slider

mechanism that they have a whole host of
gestures surrounding that so you can

slide to answer a call take a selfie or
even open up a dedicated shortcut drawer

that has quick access to your favorite
apps of course you can even customize
the sound of the sound that your phone

makes when you slide the screen down
cool right now here's where things are a

little weird for me because Xiaomi says
the mechanism is good for 300,000 cycles

and hey that's great 300,000 you're
never gonna exhaust it even if you do it

like 30 times a day it's still 10,000
days and it's cool right but what's

weird is even operated their motorized
mechanism for 300,000 so I just

personally think within mechanical parts
lasts as an be rated a little higher not
that a higher number is gonna be a

deal-breaker but then it's just a weird
little OCD thing for me anyway let me

know your thoughts in the comments
enough about the slider we've spoken

about it enough so let's move on to the
next thing that display it's a nineteen

point five by nine six point three nine
inch full HD plus AMOLED display and if

that sounds familiar that's the same
size as the made twenty pro screen again

AMOLED by the May 20 Pro does have quad
HD plus resolution now here Xiaomi

claims the screen to body ratio is over
ninety percent that's something they've

been claiming right from the first
mimics by the way from the pictures it
does seem like there is a sliver of a

bottom chin honestly I'm not very
surprised about it since Xiaomi needs

the space to connect the display
connector the main frame of the phone

itself I know you might be thinking how
does Apple do it and I'm pretty sure

that a lot of you guys know that Apple
kind of bends the AMOLED panel

underneath and that's a little expensive
to do and I don't that's why we don't

see other brands doing it and maybe
Xiaomi might have some kind of

complications because of the moving
mechanism and all that anyways we do

have a teeny tiny bottom changer now
moving on from the display let's take a

look at the internals right now they're
our successor to the eight forty five

has not been unveiled yet so as expected
it's the snapdragon 840 five six and
eight gig ram options with 128 or 256

gigs of storage of course that's the
palace museum edition of the mimics

three that gets wait for it 10 freakin
gigs of ram to go along with 256 gigs of

on-board storage with a special insignia
to the back it looks pretty awesome as

well well to be fair even the three
regular colors of the mimics three

looked pretty darn good and since the
backs are ceramic we have wireless

charging on both these devices
in fact Xiaomi is pushing it a step

further Xiaomi it's generally very
stingy with what they throw in the box

right these days at least we're seeing a
soft case but now they're saying that

fast wireless charger is going to be
bundled with these devices and they say

it's 30% faster than the previous gen
ones so I guess that's a first to see

why are the shadows being bundled with
devices so that's great and then of

course there are the cameras here we
have similar 12 plus 12 megapixel dual

reeow cameras that we've seen on the
mimics to west xiaomi has worked on the

software which is reflected in the
mimics 3s higher DxO mark score compared
to the me 8 as well as the mimics 2's

but as a refresher the primary camera
still comes with four axes away as

something Xiaomi seems to be taking full
advantage of with their new steady

handheld night photography mode if you
guys want to know more about the rear

camera hardware do check out our
hands-on with the mimics 2s again cut

right here now coming to the software
side of things xiaomi seems to be

finally paying attention to video
something that's been sorely lacking in

the last few releases the mimics 3 has
support for 9 60fps slow-motion other

than that we have the usual array of AI
based software tweaks some of which we

find mirrored on the front cameras as
well yep cameras since the mimics three

has a primary 24 megapixel camera paired
with the 2 megapixel depth sensing unit

the main sensor is a sony IMX 576 which
if I can recall correctly was on a Oppo

phone if you can I don't remember which
one I mean if you guys can let me know

in the comments below anyway this one
also comes with pixel burning tech it

seems to be something Sony's doing with
the sensor so it's a point 9 micron size
pixel but under low-light at 4 pixels

kind of combine into one so that's one
nine point nine point nine point nine

making it a 1.8 micron sized pixel so it
should take more like and and along with

that they've thrown in a custom CR
selfie flash looks like Xiaomi really

wants to nail those low-light selfies
now on the software front you know

you've got me why of course there's
nothing majorly new he knew there

so let's just jump right over that one
and get to pricing the meanings three

starts at 30 to 90 91 which given
current currency conversion rates

translates to about thirty four point
seven thousand Indian rupees that's not
bad given that the rupee has been

dropping and the me makes two was
launched in India for thirty six
thousand rupees

of course the highest and Palace Museum
Edition costs $49.99 new one that's
around fifty three thousand Indian

rupees I guess that's the price you pay
for staying on the bleeding edge of tech

I mean the me makes three even comes
with five G network support so even if

Xiaomi does hike the prices up by a bit
when bringing this to India the base

variant around thirty six thirty seven
thousand rupees should provide tough

competition to the upcoming one plus
sixty amongst other phones that think
the one plus 60 is rumored to be

releasing around the same price range so
guys it's worth noting that this one
also comes bundled with a fast wireless

charger which again I can't believe
xiaomi is throwing and stuff like this
because I had to go back and check it a

couple of times to see if it was bundle
turns out it is anyway which of these
two phones are you more interested in is

it the one mimics three or the one plus
sixty let me know in the comments below

so again guys based on track record
there is a good chance that this one
comes to India yeah the mimics two is

tenth but then that's all the more
reason that Xiaomi might bring this to

India so let me know your thoughts in
the comments

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