Samsung Galaxy Fold Launched the first fordable phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launched the first fordable phone.

Official Launched

after all the rumors been coming from past Few month. Today Samsung, event was held in San Francisco. The Samsung Unveiled with opening slot of fordable phone with a name of “Samsung Galaxy Fold” apparently Samsung Galaxy Fold been Mysterious and anticipated product of this year. Samsung Proved it’s Innovation on Fordable phone. Samsung Engineered research team done a Great Job with Samsung galaxy Fold.

Courtesy: Samsung

The event in San Francisco by Samsung. the Produce marketing Head Justin Denison Shown and announced the features of Samsung galaxy Fold. The Device Comes with 4.3 inch Display and the opened up from inside, then becomes a 7.3-inch screen. Samsung Claims It’s Infinity Flex Display. The Main 7.3-inch display is QXGA+ (2152 x 1536) Resolution and Panel of (4:2:3), second one 4.3-inch HD+ (1960 x 840) Resolution with 12:9 panel.

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This Display has App drawer means You Can Use Many Apps in one go in tablet mode. To make this device perfect, Google and android developers made the phone very well from its software part. 3 apps has been used in launch are YouTube Premium, WhatsApp, Chrome, Microsoft Office, along with Google Map.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Specs Sheet.

The Internals been loded with Samsung 7 NM chipset but Processor it’s unnamed. Well I thinking its should be Snapdragon 855 Processor. but Samsung haven’t named yet. it’s covers 12GB of RAM and 512GB Storage out f box with Fast UFS 3.0 Storage on Boot. Samsung packed 2 Battery inside an Total packed with 4,380mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Covers the 6 Cameras are as follow. 3 are Placed in back and 2 are on Inside, and 1 on Front with Main Camera. 16MP Ultra Wide Camera with F/2.2, an 12MP Wide angle camera with Variable aperture to F/2.4 to F/1.5, and 12MP Camera for Telephoto Lens with F/2.4 aperture. Inside the 2 cameras are. 10Mp primary sensor with F/2.4, and 8MP RGB light sensor. An 1 Camera on front are. 10MP Selfie Camera with F/2.2 aperture on the Board.

Courtesy: Samsung


Its Price will Start at $1,980 in US (approx. 1.5 Lakh) sales been start 26 April in US.

Company Doesn’t said will launch or not in India. Finger Crossed it’s Comes Or Not.

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